Our Organic Cattle

Direct from farmer to your door. Free from chemicals and ethically produced from contented animals.

We breed and raise Angus cattle. They run as a single herd as much as possible – cows, calves and “teenagers” altogether.

This suits their natural instincts and helps with “plant-controlled” rotational grazing.

Our cattle are 100% grass-fed – we never feed grain. Read about the health benefits of grass-fed meat here.

Ethical Farming

We make all management decisions with the welfare of the cattle, the soil, and the environment in mind. To our mind, this is ethical farming, and thankfully it’s starting to gain traction in Australia.

Regenerative Agriculture

We base our grazing system on holistic principles. Our herd rotates through 50 paddocks, and the cattle eat enough but not too much in each one. This enhances plant and root growth and soil ecology. And it effectively means we use cattle to transfer carbon from the atmosphere to the soil. Read more about how we approach regenerative agriculture.

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