Meet Us

We are the Oliver family and we own and run Greenhill Farm. Greenhill is 1100 acres of paradise near Bungendore, NSW. From our hilltops you can see Lake George about 10km away.

Our new straw bale house and farm sheds are tucked down in the pretty valley that runs 4km through the middle our property. The soldier settler who took on the farm in 1948 was diligent and industrious, and cleared most of the trees. We’re now replanting by the thousands… we’ve fenced off the “Big Bush” and the “Little Bush” (at either ends of our farm) for natural regeneration, and put in dams, troughs and created new paddocks. Tree planting is ongoing, and our latest project is getting water to the top of the hill so we can gravity feed to more troughs. This lets us split paddocks up and graze better, and helps biodiversity too.

Organic Meat

Farmers market Sydney

So who are we? Well, Sue (nee Armstrong) wears many hats as well as being a full-time farmer. She’s in charge of the soil, plants and biodynamics, and is also the butcher’s unofficial apprentice and Mistress of the Markets. You’ll meet her at the Farmers’ Markets, together with the Princess of the Markets (daughter Sarah).

Greg is a cattle veterinarian, so he is boss of all things cattle. Luckily our four children have more mechanical and creative talents than Mum & Dad combined. Together we manage the soils, plants, animals and all the meat science needed to produce consistently great beef.

We started selling our beef direct to our customers about three years ago. Frankly, we were sick and tired of selling beautiful organic cattle to feedlots where they’d immediately be treated with a systemic worm medicine, vaccinated, hormone implanted and given medicated grain and hay to eat. We were at the mercy of a handful of buyers for big meat companies, and we had little control over the price we received. All our good work with the cattle seemed wasted, and we could hardly even pay the bills. Now we’re faced with a more enjoyable set of challenges, and work hand in hand with our customers who are now part of our farming business.

Sue and Greg Oliver And we believe in ethical food production too. The animals MUST be happy and healthy and the farm MUST be sustainable and ecologically sound. We will leave self-indulgent essays to others – and concentrate on trying to actually do it. Talk with us at the Farmers Market or come to a farm Field Day.


By the way, we also grow certified biodynamic ginseng and sell it fresh direct to the public. We also have the best and purest ginseng capsules you can buy. Interested? Ginseng is a remarkable herbal medicine and ours is simply the best.

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