Organic grass fed beef & what you get in your order

Direct from farmer. Free from chemicals and ethically produced with contented animals.

What You Get & How To Order

You can buy single-meal size amounts of any of our grass-fed beef cuts at the Capital Region Farmers Market in Canberra.

We are at the Exhibition Park location every Saturday morning (Stall # 86 & 87).

We are also at Carriageworks Farmers Market in Sydney on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

Beef Packs

We also offer packs of our grass-fed organic and biodynamic beef. Most people pick up at the Canberra or Sydney farmers market. Some pick up at designated places on the M5 between Sydney and Canberra – this often suits people from Western Sydney, Southern highlands and the Blue Mountains

For Sydney – Sue will be at the Carriageworks market on the 11th February.  Orders need to be in by COB on Thursday 9th, February

A limited number of eighth packs are available, plus individual cut orders. If you would like a price list, please email

For Canberra – orders are open, and pickup is to be arranged on order.

Eighth Pack (approx. 17kg) $490

  • Scotch fillets
  • Sirloin steaks
  • T-bone steaks
  • Rump steaks
  • Blade steaks
  • Oyster blade steaks
  • 2 Beef roasts
  • Beef spare ribs
  • Stir fry strips
  • Osso bucco slices
  • Diced casserole beef
  • Packs of sausages (gluten & preservative free)
  • Packs of premium mince
  • 1 bag bones (optional and no additional charge)

Place Organic Order

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Slow cook (approx. 9kg) $250 SOLD OUT

  • Diced casserole beef
  • Osso bucco slices
  • Oyster blade steaks
  • Spare ribs
  • Beef roast
  • Premium Mince
  • Sausages

How do we supply our organic grass fed beef beef?

We pack each cut in clearly labelled bags, weighing approximately half to one kilogram.

With any order, you can order additional:

  • Premium mince at $22/kg
  •  Lean mince at $26.90/kg
  • Rissoles tray of 6 at $22.50/kg (free from gluten & preservatives)
  • Sausages at $20.00/kg (all are free from gluten & preservatives, and some varieties are 100% beef)

Your choice of the following grass-fed beef sausages is available:

  • Thin;
  • Herb & garlic;
  • Bushmans;
  • Mustard, rosemary & garlic;
  • Breakfast;
  • Spicy Italian

Contact Us Today

Please order by email or see us at the farmers market. By email, it’s We’ll send a confirmation email with payment and pickup details.

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