Our Grass Fed Beef – What You Get

You can buy single meal size amounts of any of our grass fed beef cuts at the Sydney (second Saturday of the month at Eveleigh Market) and Canberra Farmers’ Markets (every Saturday morning at Exhibition Park).


You can choose one of our bulk packs.

Buy organic meat direct from the farmerWe also offer great deals on bulk packs. These suit all family needs budgets. Pick up at the market or we deliver to you door*. We have even smaller packs at the markets. Each cut is packed in fully labelled bags, each weighing approximately half to one kilogram. A quarter pack needs 80 litres of freezer space; and eighth needs 40 litres, a family pack 30 litres; and a gourmet pack 14 litres.

Quarter Pack (~35kg) $19.00/kg

Buy organic meat online This is a side of beef that is divided in two equal parts. It contains the full range of cuts, from Eye & Scotch fillets to gravy beef, mince and sausages.

Eighth Pack (~18kg) $19.30/kg

This is an equal half of a quarter pack, and so also contains the full range of cuts (half of each).

Gourmet Pack (~6kg) $32.90/kg

Contains the choicest cuts of beef – prime tender fillet steaks and roasts.

Family Pack (10 to 12kg) $17.20/kg

Contains a range of steaks and roasts, and tasty slow cooking beef for casseroles and stews.

Optional Grass Fed Beef Extras

  • Premium mince $17.20/kg
  • Greenhill Rissoles $16.50/kg
  • Tasty “real grass fed beef” sausages $16.20/kg

*Canberra only. Sydney at Eveleigh market or a prearranged pickup point.

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