Organic, grass fed beef farm with Sydney to Canberra delivery

Direct from farmer to your door. Free from chemicals and ethically produced with contented animals.

Greenhill Hill farm beef is from cattle born and raised on our certified organic and biodynamic farm.

About Our Beef

Greenhill has been certified by the National Organic and Biodynamic Standard AND the DEMETER Biodynamic Standard since 2008. We are audited each year by BDRI to these Standards.

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Our beef is 100% grass-fed, and we never feed grain. This has significant health benefits for you because grass-fed beef has much higher omega-3 and nine fatty acid levels than grain-fed beef. Find out more on this and other health benefits of grass-fed beef.

Ethically raised

The welfare of our animals is paramount at Greenhill. Our cattle are known to be quiet and stress-free. They usually graze as a single herd, just as they like it.

We graze using regenerative methods that help build soil and heal the land. Our cattle help put carbon back into the soil, where it belongs.

Dry Aged

We dry age all our beef for at least two weeks. This improves tenderness and flavour.

Preservative and gluten-free

Our sausages, rissoles and mince are free from preservatives and gluten.

Long shelf life

We freeze all beef within hours of butchering – this keeps beef the freshest. The “best by” date is from 6 to 12 months and is clearly labelled on each packet.

We’re the farmer, and we sell our beef direct to you. We manage every stage of the process – from our soils that grow the pasture to minimum-stress cattle management to how our beef is handled and prepared. Many things contribute to the ultimate quality of the meat, and we do our best with all of them.

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If you're looking for the best advice about certified-organic-beef, contact Greenhill Farm at 02 6238 0203.

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