About Our Beef

We’re the farmer, and we sell our beef (and ginseng) direct to you, the customer. There’s no middle man. So why buy from us? Well, because it is healthy, it’s ethically produced, and it’s the finest quality beef you will find anywhere.

Why is our beef healthy?

We don’t use chemicals on our soils, plants or animals. You can be confident our beef is pure and healthy because it is certified and 100% organic. A word of caution however – beware of charming pretenders who claim to be organic but aren’t certified. Here’s a list of questions you could ask to help you spot the fakes.

We don’t feed grain. This is so important for your health that we’ve got a separate section on pasture-fed beef. Have you wondered why there is so much heart disease, allergies and autoimmune problems these days? Eating grain fed animals is part of the problem.

Organic steak We are biodynamic (certified by Demeter, Australia’s leading certifying body). Biodynamics is the X factor, because it’s about stimulating life in the soil, plants and animals – the way nature intended. Biodynamic food has enriching and energising qualities even that certified organic food usually lacks, and that’s why it is better for you. Remember, organic really means free from chemicals. Demeter Biodynamic means much more.

Our sausages, rissoles and mince are gluten and preservative free.

Why does our beef taste so good?

We manage every stage of the process – from our soils that grow the pasture, to minimum stress cattle management, to how our beef is handled and prepared. There are many things along the chain that contribute to the ultimate quality of the meat, and we do our best with all of them. And note we never sell thawed or unfrozen meat – we freeze on the same day of butchering (after dry-aging for two weeks). This makes our beef retain genuine freshness.

Our cattle are grass-fed. Apart from being healthier, pastures-fed beef tastes better!

It’s biodynamic. If you’re used to certified organic (rather than biodynamic), you’ll probably notice the difference.

How is our beef ethically produced?

Organic butcher We treat our cattle with kindness and respect. Did you know they are social animals? They like to run together as a herd, the older cows with the growing yearlings and the calves. They’re happy that way, and that’s the main reason we do it. Happy cattle grow faster and are easier to handle. They’re also not stressed, and stress is the number one reason for tough beef. They are happiest when they are free to choose who they socialise with. On Greenhill Farm we only separate groups of cattle when really needed, such as weaning or joining. We often see three generations come together in the evening to graze as a tight family unit.

Everyone wins – the cattle, us and our customers.

We care for the environment by planting thousands of trees, fencing off areas of bush to regenerate, and building the carbon content of the soil with various management methods.

Our beef isn’t for everyone. If you’re not in Canberra or Sydney (or in between), it will be hard to supply you. If you want the cheapest meat you can find and don’t mind about quality, then please buy from somebody else. If you don’t have enough freezer space for a spare 2 loaves of bread (size of our smallest pack), then our bulk packs aren’t for you. Just buy from us at the market or pay 40% more for at your local organic butcher (for beef that isn’t as good). A quarter pack needs 80 litres of freezer space; and eighth needs 40 litres, a family pack 30 litres; and a gourmet pack 14 litres.

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